Musicianship Training for Singers

Heinichen_s_circle_of_fifths_plusDelaware ChoralArts offers Musicianship Training for Singers on Monday evenings (6:00-7:00 p.m.) at The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew, taught by DCA’s music director, David Christopher.   The objective of the training is to give singers an opportunity to develop confidence and improve their effectiveness as a choral singer by studying music theory and ear training.  The class on Monday evenings is geared toward the “intermediate” choral singer, but special sessions and classes can be arranged at other times for those who want more advanced training, or need to focus more on the basics.  There is no $$ fee for the class, but donations to Delaware ChoralArts are always welcome!

There is no musicianship class at the present time. To inquire about DCA’s Musicianship Training Class or ask when the next one will be, contact David Christopher at

Below is a list of online resources that enhance the work we do in class.  Study as much as you dare!!!


Online Resources for Music Theory and Ear Training
If you find additional sights that are effective, please let Director Dave know and they will be posted here!

Music Theory ProMUSIC THEORY PRO (free)
Great site to review all the basics of music.
Mac app available for download ($19.99)
iPhone app ($4.99)

MusictheornetMUSICTHEORY.NET (free)
Excellent lessons on all of the basics.

teoriaTEORIA (free or membership)
Exellent exercises and drills … all free!
Membership is on $20 per year and allows you to track your progress.

TENUTOTENUTO iphone app ($3.99)
Great ear training drills!
Available on (above)

earmaster-6-proEARMASTER 6
Software that can be purchased ($59.99 box or download)
More extensive practice in ear training
Looks like a good program, although I haven’t used it