2019 – 2020 Patrons

Our sincere thanks to the following donors for their generous support of our season. To add your name to the list, visit the Contribute page.

Lisa A. Nichols

Harriet and John Flynn
Robert and Jeannine Laughman
David and Elizabeth Rhoads

David Christopher
Nancy G. Frederick
David and Ann Hamilton
Nathan Hayward, III
Clyde and Sarah Hess
Eric and Jenny Hoffman
Bridget Kirk

Bernard and Helen Balick
Sandra Aiken Chack
Emily Gibson and David Andrews
Karl and Shirley Grieshaber
Joshua and Cynthia Martin
Kaye I. Merrey
Jeffrey Miller
Ken and Donna Pelletier
Irene and Richard Plotzker
Marilyn Reiner
Joe and Sandy Sarjeant

Lynn Anthony
Tina Betz
Pamela Braun
Diane-Louise Casson
George Christie
Kim Doucette
Janet Geiger
Sandra M. Harvey
Chip and Gayle Hazel
Nancy Hough
Catherine Kirk
William Lane
Dorothy deH. Lovett

SILVER CIRCLE (continued)
SF and Suzanne Moore
Joan Nipe
Vernon and Margaret Proctor
Mikey and Mary Reppy
Jim and Julie Russell
William Sammons
Rita Vasta

Judith Bettinger
Burton’s Barber Shop
Norman Carlson
Linda Chandler
Michael Davidson
Jane Dilley
Al and Marilyn Eelman
Stephen and Ashley Ferrara
Jamie Fleetwood
George Fresolone
Joan Galloway
Paula Gordon
Marilyn Haas
Mary Ann Hall
Gloria Hampton
Lionel and Patricia Hampton
Joan Hershberger
Benjamin James
Rob Kennan
Bill & Hazel Kirk
Deb Landers and Michael Brun
R. L. and Jeanette Landers
Mary Meese
P. J. Peters
Deborah A. Rainey
Deirdre Roebber
Linda Sauerbrunn
Kimberly Sprout
Barbara Tilton
Lorayne Titter
Lori Wadman
Jenny Warren
Franne Sippel-Wetmore
Tom and Beth Whipple
Bill & Anita Young